Monday, February 17, 2014

These words

My thoughts, are like flashing lights across my minds sight. The silence of my words floating in a sea so bright. I would sit up at night trying to make the words sound right. This spirit overwhelms me even when I try to turn away. Like dinner on an empty tray, food for thought is what I serve your way, Quiet whispers speaking truths, touching souls, making whole. I see beyond the faces in the crowd, I hear them scream out loud. I understand the kid in the corner, I know it doesn't stay that way forever. I feel the beauty in minute details, I learn something new from all life entails. 

I learn from the words that I hear and the words that I read. Innocence grows into belief, the fire burns, keeping me warm on cold nights filled with doubt. Questions born from lessons, patience that moves mountains, dreams filled with needs. Money talks, but words are silenced, and a simple question can lead to violence. I don’t believe in the impossible, I see why, then ask why not. This isn't simply an art, its more like a battle, a fight between what’s inside, and what stares back at me in this world of ours. Daydreaming, laughing, living, one word, many emotions, all in a singular instant. I breathe in life and scribble these words. They are beautiful like a never ending rainbow of multicolored realities floating in the oasis that is, my thoughts.
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