Friday, March 28, 2014

Invisible smiles

The moon will not rise beyond this horizon of lies
Weary eyes shall wait but still it will not
The darkness groans under the weight of the truths you once told
I sold my heart for a pound of gold that would never age as I grow old
I waited for the sun, and then the moon.
I long for you but my lips will never betray that to you.
Hidden behind a veil, I believed I could unravel you.
A powerful attraction while you played a game of distraction.
Like an elaborate scene crafted to keep me keen.
The clouds are on fire But beneath them I'm dancing,
Even in the rain there's a ray of light that leaves me smiling.
You were  just that, my oxygen in this bottomless water tank, this endless struggle to breathe.
But now the sun will not rise beyond this horizon of lies.

And neither will the memories and dreams of empty photo frames filled with invisible smiles.

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