Friday, May 17, 2013


Don’t speak, just listen. If I told you everything you wanted to hear, and took your fears one by one, rolled up and made them disappear like a magic, would I win your heart? If all I told you were lies masquerading as truths until the future reads like an obituary of the past and the lies have eaten away what's left of the present would you sing my praises, would you give me your love forever when I tell you how much this is lust and not love, like baby I saw you from across the room and just couldn't help myself...

Don’t speak, just listen. If all you wanted to hear were sugar coated words, carefully wrapped in colorful delivery packages, I've got them by the truckload, waiting to unfold at any moment that you desire. But what is love if but just a word, what is this life if but just a fleeting moment of existence. You see, Sometimes lies are more beautiful than the truth, so we wear them like pearls because that is what the world sees, like saying I love you but looking forward to those moments shared without you.  Like buying you diamonds but never really being there to watch you shine. These worldly desires are to be enjoyed but surely we leave them behind to inspire. If I could give you the world, what therefore would be left for us to discover….  

Don't speak, Just listen. You see, there's this feeling inside me. its like waking up to the sound of the ocean, like an invigorating love potion. Its like a refreshing breath of expectation, a never ending state of elevation. Its like being surrounded by commotion, but inside there's a sense of elation, devotion, inspiration. Its like trying to describe what loving you is like and realizing that you simply are more than any expression, you're every emotion... 

You should be the sound track to my dawn, your voice reverberating through my minds walls like a soulful renaissance of my being. You see when it comes to love, I need more than just a four letter word.  I need you to speak the words that deliver me from the weight of daily living. I need love like there is no other care in the world but us. And I will love you even when you lose hope, and I will always apologize, just to make that smile reappear across your face, because even though I cant give you the world you'll always have mine. And when I start ranting on and on, like I've just done, I know you'll sit there, smile and just listen. 
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