Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New poem : Promise

(for Otunba Gbadebo Awofusi (1937-2011))

Iba ara t'orun

 Its ok to cry when life lets you down When every fiber of your being wishes time would stand still. Indeed, the sun sets on your presence, Yet, your essence lingers in every thought, And you'll always be honored in our hearts. I promise to love your daughter until my last breath. Lift her high with pride just like you always did. I promise to share your memory with our kids. Teach them with stories of your strength. The pages of your life would inspire courage in their lives, And we'd celebrate your achievements with a toast to the skies.

 Its ok to cry when the words sound unbelievable When our one wish is to live a past life and have more time with you But the truth is we haven't lost you We've simply gained an eternal guardian In a place where time doesn’t even matter And even though you never really knew me I promise to always be the best man I can be And protect the sanctity of your daughters future I promise to always be there to hold her To dry every tear and erase every fear You will always be remembered for living a great life And I thank you for being a great father to my future wife.
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