Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hope for light (Spero Lucem)

I believe in who people are and whom they have the potential to become
And not whom they are not, or the difficulties they are yet to overcome
I believe in the spirit of kindness, the power of forgiveness and the audacity of hope
Our ability to adapt to difficult situations, our ability to cope
I believe we are all connected, not by race or background but by simple humanity
We are brothers and sisters with a common sense of community
I believe in the power of our actions and the relevance of our words and emotions
I Believe we should show love without any prejudice or reservations
And help one another in the face of opposition and oppression.

I hope for light, even though it may be naive or maybe foolish
Because hope is where my dreams are born and where my heart always returns
I hope for light, guidance for these dark nights, solace for many difficult fights
Because when there's life, there's hope and hope is where my strength comes from

This new year, I pray we do not lose hope
And I pray for all who live in hope
a vision of a better life
Freedom from pain, suffering and strife
Because who we are and whom we may become
Depends on the hope that our reality may one day surpass our dreams
And the path to our destiny lies somewhere beyond the horizon.

This new year,
I hope for light
This new year,
I pray for life

Happy New year Everyone.
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