Sunday, December 27, 2009


The light of change is dim and flickers in the rain
Like grains of sand separated in an hour glass
trickling ever so slowly

The future of our nation is hungry with ambition
But the classrooms are empty, and jobs are scanty
We celebrate others, but when will it be our own turn
The pages turn and more people continue to run
To them, anywhere is better than here
here our words are suffocated
And the restless are silenced

Take a journey on our highways turned no-ways
And you will see many victims of this illiterate democracy
classrooms with no roofs
And children playing football with no shoes
Do or die, would you die for your country?
Smoking kills, but greed ultimately destroys

The Sun sets on inflated projects with no tomorrow
When will that new hospital come, we may never know
Our leaders don’t go there, so what do they know
Trading stock and lives, on the exchange
Like a poker game of pocket change
We only pray for change
But when will we become the change

I know, there is beauty in this land
Like you, this is my home, and my heritage.
I still believe, but this darkness impedes my vision
Like a daily reminder of the futility of our situation
Like the Next headline at the news stand
A reflection of the problem at hand

We may be different, but we share the same pain
The pride of this nation rests in our palms….
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