Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Darkness

Constant darkness.
Yesterday, today, and without a doubt tomorrow.
I look out to my neighbour ,
He too has been engulfed by the darkness.
Grey shadows dance along on the street below,
Dreary souls returning from their slave shifts in the city, to this darkness.
This darkness, a cloak for wicked minds to stage their attacks,
At this evil hour, waiting in dark corners to strike on innocence.
This darkness has consumed us, our eyes become blinded, accustomed to this most usual of surroundings.
Our bodies, tired from countless restless nights.
As assured as the rising sun, this darkness will come,
After suffering the unrelenting heat of the midday sun,
The night, this darkness, offers no succour to our condition.
I used to have a torch to guide my steps, it reminded me to hope,
But batteries die, and hope fades,
Replaced by an undeniable anger, while this darkness reigns.
Huddled in groups we discuss this darkness.
Why do they not even try,
Their lives are filled with light, but it is as if they do not see,
They do not understand our plight, it is as if they are blinded by that same light.
Seeing only what they want to see,
Consumed by hidden agenda's and filling the pockets of their agbada's,
Surrounded by God fathers, false contractors and numerous benefactors.
This darkness, this disappointed look on our faces,
The power horse of our economy is lying in pieces,
A nation with no power has no business at the races.
I nod my head in silent remorse,
This darkness, this shame, this terrible frame, still remains the same,
No addition, only degradation, no development, just crooked involvement .
This darkness some how remains off the priority list, its solution covered by a mist.
Standing on my balcony, I hear the usual loud noise associated with the many generators.
Everyone for himself, what about those left on the shelf.
You and I pay for this darkness, but there is no customer support to deal with our unhappiness.
When will our people see this time of darkness as a life they once lived.
When will we have a generation of children, who do not have to dance in the brief moments when darkness finally turns to...

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