Monday, October 13, 2008

I get asked so many times why Thoughts on a page is not available in Nigeria, well by now most people know the answer to that question. The book culture in Nigeria is improving with people like Jude Dibia, Biyi Bandele and Chimamanda building the bridges for other aspiring writers to cross, and making the business of publishing lucrative for the companies to join. Its been a full year since Thoughts on a page was available online, and i would like to apologise to the Nigerian based members of the group as well as my friends at Taruwa for the delay in making it available in Nigeria. The Nigerian version contains more pieces that the online version, as a sign of gratitude for your support. price and availability will be announced soon.


1. Words
2. Homecoming
3. The People
4. City of dreams
5. Hapi Chrisimasi
6. I am African
7. The sun rises in Africa
8. Freedom
9. Redemption
10. One more year is gone
11. The World
12. The truth
13. Silence
14. Welcome to Naija
15. We are…
16. The Struggle
17. State of Emergency
18. The Dreamer
19. Okada
20. Egunje
21. Flashing
22. This Darkness
23. Wait a minute
24. Is the Grass Greener?
25. Taruwa
26. The spirit of the dance
27. Beauty’s Beast
28. Sixteen
29. Dreaming out loud
30. Love is….
31. Do you remember?
32. Life is like she is
33. Desire
34. The little Goldfish
35. There’s just something about you
36. I’ll be with you
37. Tonight
38. To My Valentine
39. Break up to make up (I just can’t make my mind up)
40. My Pain
41. Why can’t I wake up with you?
42. Another Sad Love Song
43. Good bye
44. Thank you
45. I am
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