Tuesday, May 20, 2008


If you see my brother, please give him a glass of water
Treat him like you would any other, don’t judge a book by its cover
We're not all 419er's and drug pushers, we have hard working mothers and fathers

For how long will we continue to suffer, our identity has been dragged through the gutter
We do not all have the same character, but to some it does not even matter
I can never present any better, 'cause my compatriots and I will always be of the same feathers

If you see my sister, please share with her your umbrella
She may need it more than ever, don’t be afraid to help her
We are not all prostitutes and child sellers

We live in a system where our voices go through a muffler
We are survivors, in a society always trying to drag us under
Damaged by our environment, we ask not to be misunderstood any longer

If you see my mother, please offer to seat next to her
In our family she is the centre, a wonderful sage and carer
We are not all noise makers and trouble makers

Our leaders always have an agenda
Its difficult to get heard over the campaign speakers
Promising us the same over and over
A stable source of power, much needed clean water
Reduction in unnecessary deaths to AIDs and Malaria

If you see my father, know that he is a hard worker
He could be your adviser, no matter the stress you're under
We are not all corrupt and unethical

Raise your glasses even higher, celebrate the people who shine brighter
Whether you live in LA or Ebutta Metta
From Kaduna to the Niger Delta
We all deserve to be treated better
Stand up for your rights my brother
Being Nigerian does not make you inferior
Speak out for your future my sister
Being Nigerian does not mean you should accept lesser
From your teacher or your leader
Be yourself, be free
Be Nigerian
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