Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dreaming out loud

When you cry, it'll always be tears of joy
When you smile, I'll be the reason for your high
When you dream, it'll be of you and I
When you laugh, my laugh will never be far behind
When you sing, it'll be our favourite song
When you reach, its my hand you'll find
When you fall down, I'll be there to raise you high
When you frown, my call will turn it around
When in moments of silence, it'll be me living in your thoughts
When it all seems in vain, together we'll bear the pain
When you are hurt, I'll be there to kiss it better
When you pray, it'll be of love forever
When you jump, I'll be right there beside you
When you hope, I'll make sure the future comes to you
When you feel weak, I'll be that strong shoulder to hold on to
When you are full of belief, I'll be encouraged too
When times are tough, I'll be with you through the rough
When you need a friend to lean on, I'll be the one you look to
When you're standing there in that white gown, I'll be holding your hand saying I do
When you're by my side, I can see through the cloud
When you look into my eyes, I'll be dreaming out loud
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