Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Struggle"

The Struggle

The people look out unto the destruction, the land has been battered beyond recognition.
The laws were only made to be broken, by power hungry chiefs who are never outspoken.
The struggle began a long time ago, when the children were only too young to know
The corrupt minds of the leaders never thought about the future, the welfare of the people,
they never tried to secure.
Their visions, only of grand illusions, of empty desires and luxury mansions.
The people are left with empty dreams of city scenes, praying for strength and simple things.
Hanging on to the hope of a revival, if only for the sake of their children's survival.
The land, separated and divided, the people, forgotten and disregarded.
You've got to fend for yourself, in a land that is everyman for himself.
The few chosen to lead the many, have been enchanted by the honey.
The people work real hard, trying to rebuild the once glorious land.
Their faces epitomize the struggle, for the city has turned into a jungle.
In this desolate land, nothing is simple, but there is hope, for God does not forget his people.
The people are forced to respect, those people whom they constantly suspect.
Forced to say "yes sir", to those with no good desire.
They see this broken city through the tinted windows of their black limos, without even hurried glances
in their rear view mirrors.
The people are forced to plead for their right, while their leaders smile like everything's alright.
Young men and women who cant see hope, to them, this is real life, not a daily soap,
Forced to make statements like "I hustle" when asked what they do for an occupation, in this city
of depression and constant desperation,
Living dark nights of fraud, theft and prostitution, in the search of a soulless and empty solution.
Did you read the news today?, how much money is being wasted day by day?
The people are being treated like they are illiterate, corruption, eating away the city at an alarming rate
The people are left with little, told they have to settle
Told to accept their fate, without a sense of any distaste
The morning resumes, for the people, the struggle continues.
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