Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I'll be with you"

The blurred lines between my dreams and reality
Everyday I'm reminded of your beauty, your sincerity
Some times I find it hard to believe
That my reality and my dreams share a similarity
You have become the guardian of my heart
The angel in my every thought
More than sunshine on a rainy day
You are the light that inspires my day
So roses may be red, and violets, blue
But the one guaranteed to make me smile will always be you
From my roots I have sprung, but with you I grow branches and remain strong.
The colours of love may be different, but the beauty remains ever present
My joy comes with the sunrise, welcomed by a blossom, a beautiful surprise
Come rain, come shine, you and I remain inspired
The romantic glow between us seemingly conspired but simply natural, effortless and unprocessed
You are the reason I've come to admire life in a whole new way
Bringing hope that together we can always succeed come what may
Our love, feels as natural as the waves crashing on a sandy shore
I believe, I look to the future feeling restfully assured
I'm so into you
I've fallen so deep, with you
We took the leap, hand in hand
Not knowing what the future holds or where we may land
But we live every second to make each other happy
With every kiss I fall in love all over again
Your love cleanses like the beautiful rain
Cant think of being with anyone else, no one else will do
Where else would I feel as special as I do right here with you
And when you're not there
I miss you, when all I hear is your voice and I have to imagine your smile
when I get a rush at the sound of my phone and not your knock on my door
I miss , the feeling that I'm tempted to touch your soft skin
I miss you, when in my heart you grin, as you hold me close
I miss you, every time you're not near, not here, not calling my name with your sweet voice
Just because in that moment you wanted me to run to you, to be there, to care
I promise to always be true to you
I'll never let go of your hand
And It'll never matter where we land
because where ever it is, you'll still be with me
And I'll be with you.
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