Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The People/We are..."

Lets all raise our glasses to the people
The ones who make everything look simple
They can see the future through the eyes of an eagle
The wise ones who know life’s not a sample
You live once, better find an example
Be the best by any means possible
Never underestimate the power of the people
Their sweat, the catalyst for the growth of a nation
Trying to provide a better future for the next generation
There’s honour in their search for salvation
Put your hands together for the people
Struggling in the face of so much adversity
There’s beauty in the strength of their versatility
There’s hope in the beauty of their creativity
Cos It’s a bittersweet drama set in reality
Stand up for the people
The streets are filled with unsung heroes
Each one of them with thousands of their stories
Young faces with grown minds
Young minds with grown up scars
They grow up too fast
In a youth that doesn’t last
Let’s celebrate the people
Ready for the fight, ready to take flight
Spread their wings and fly to a new height
The ones who’ll never feel unequal
The ones with the drive to never be second best
They forget the myriad of excuses
They prepare for the tests that life may present
This here is us, here to succeed no matter what, we’re the people
We are... a collection of beautiful minds.
We are...a nucleus of energy from inside.
Our diversity is not our adversary, It only confirms our individuality.
Our ability, to remain creative. In our own way, be productive.
We all have the power to reach higher.
We all have the foresight to dream further.
We may be surrounded by negativity, but we can survive the hostility
Look to the heavens for inspiration, we shall not be misguided by desperation.
Together we can be a force to be reckoned with, and create a better future, in which we all make it.
Many times we cant see the light that glows from our hearts.
Some times, we let life's troughs, cloud our sights.
Always we must never forget,
We are... special in our own right.
We are...beautiful in every light.
Our dreams, no one can take that away from us.
Our desires, no one can ever interrogate us.
We remain grateful to God for the morning sun.
Blessed with another day filled with relentless ambition.
We are students in the school of life, we grow as each day goes past.
We are…Smart, we are…strong,
We shall not be disturbed by the storm.
We are…intelligent, we are…dedicated,
We have the capability to surpass our possibilities.
We are…adventurers, overcoming mountains.
We are…achievers in many different ways.
We are…
We are...
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